Change a Lilfe - Spponsor an Orphan

Welcome Everyone

We at Freedom From Chains (FFC) make it our ambition to obey the Lord’s will in thought and action. Although we have experienced God’s blessing in our endeavors, we clearly understand that we are not indispensable to the growth of His kingdom. We understand that God is not served by human hands and that we have nothing that he needs (Acts 17:25). If we were to die today or tomorrow, our deaths would not in any way hinder His kingdom from forcefully advancing nor would it diminish the harvest that God is bringing forth daily. We are fully aware that we live and bear fruit only because of God’s gracious purpose (John 15:16). It is for these reasons and others that we our Lord to look favorably upon Freedom From Chains; to pour His strength, His wisdom, His courage, and His Spirit upon us; so we may be found worthy to be put into His service, forcefully advancing His kingdom on earth and making His Name great among the nations on this tiny speck of dust floating endless on the sea of eternity.

It is our hope that after having taking the time to explore our website and to evaluate our mission, that you will consider joining us today as a partner. Together we can help to alleviate the cries of the poor, the orphans, the widows, the oppressed, the hungry, the blind, the cripple, the naked, and all others who need our help. As we do so, we’ll break the chains that enslave people to sin and its cruelties. We'll also loosen the chains that steal dreams and hope. Empowered by God, we can extend a helping hand to one person at a time so that we may make God's name glorious among the nations; that His glory and holiness will be worshipped among all creation.