Children living in poverty

Our Mission & Vision Statements

We believe that there is no greater cause, no better use of our time on this world, no task more noble than that of worshiping, glorifying, and making the Name of God great among the nations of this tiny blue marble floating on the endless sea of God’s eternal creation. Therefore, as Christians we have chosen to lay down our lives to serve as ambassadors of Jesus Christ so that we may partake of the endless blessings found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We preach the gospel not only in words alone, but in loving action as we strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ emulating His endless love and His countless mercies.

Our Mission Statement

To glorify the name of God among the nations of the earth as we help to set free those who are enslaved by the chains of sin, poverty, hunger, illness, and other vices by faithfully proclaiming the teachings of Jesus Christ not only in words but in loving action.

Our Vision Statement

To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every heart so they may first hear the calling of God, come face to face with their Creator, and experience a fundamental heart change that results in a world where all life is fully lived worshiping and glorifying God.