Our Financial Policies & Guidelines

Freedom From Chains hopes to set an example among evangelical organizations by setting high standards of ethical integrity and financial accountability. Here are some standards which implement:

Our Policy Regarding Gifts & Monetary Donations Given Us

  1. We value each gift, large and small, and will respond with receipts and promptly with thanks.
  2. For non-cash gifts, Freedom From Chains will provide the donor(s) with a letter acknowledging receipt of the gifts. It is the donor's responsibility to establish a value of the non-cash donation.
  3. Non-cash gifts of property to Freedom From Chains are normally converted by several means to cash or cash equivalents and made available for ministry objectives in a timely manner after receipt.
  4. Although we accept credit cards for donations, we encourage all of God's people to wisely use the resources God has given them including wise use of credit cards and in as much as possible avoidance of credit card debt.
  5. In accordance with IRS regulations, tax-deductible gifts are made with the understanding that Freedom From Chains will administer and disburse these funds under the supervision of the Board of Directors consistent with the non-profit objectives of the organization. Every effort will be made to apply your gift according to your designation.

Funding of Ministries

Designated contributions to the support of Freedom From Chains ministries are greatly appreciated and a receipt will be issued for all deductible gifts for tax purposes. However, if a particular need becomes over-funded, our solicitations for that need will be discontinued, and otherwise designated funds may, at the discretion and direction of the Board of Directors and senior management, be redirected and applied to cover similar projects that are still under-funded, and then to broader projects or needs that fall within the mission and ministry purposes of Freedom From Chains.

Avoid Waste, Extravagance & Maintain Low Overhead Costs

We make every attempt to run a tight ship. We continuously analyze and seek ways to reduce overhead in order that every available dollar reaches the mission field. “Overhead” includes any salary for support staff and normal expenses associated with conducting ministry business such as insurance, utilities, office supplies, etc. We encourage one another daily to avoid waste, even a sheet of paper or postage stamp. We seldom go to expensive conventions and avoid expenditures that are unnecessary. Freedom From Chains uses no fund-raising agencies and FFC does little advertising.

Accounts Shall be Audited by an Independent Certified Public Accountant & a Financial Statement Published

The accounts of Freedom From Chains are audited by an outside CPA firm that provided the Board of Directors with an unqualified financial statement showing all income and expenditures and a balance sheet of assets and liabilities in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

No Finances, Property or Resources Shall be used for the Personal Gain

No Board or staff member shall use the resources of Freedom From Chain in such a manner as to benefit financially from it, other than remuneration for services rendered or reimbursements for authorized, itemized expenses. Conflicts of interest are not acceptable nor the impression of one. Board members receive no compensation from the Mission; any full time staff receives only those benefits which are approved by the Board; and all such benefits are reported to the IRS as required by law. No individual has benefited from the mission beyond his or her prescribed allowance. At certain times, a Board Member may be allowed to do business with the Freedom From Chains but only as long as it saves the organization money that would otherwise be spend on services required.