Isaiah 58 Meeting

It Only Take Two Hours To Change Lives for Eternity

Your church can respond to the call of Isaiah 58 through either our native missionary or orphan sponsorship programs, and together break the chains that have enslaved people in darkness, poverty, hunger, illness, and more. By investing an hour or two, you and your church can make an eternal difference in the lives of children and communities all over the world. All you need to do is:

Step 1. Get Leaders to Endorse

  • Have your church leader endorse Freedom From Chains and the work we and our partners do to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. Focus on the native missionary or orphan sponsorship programs.

Step 2. Show a DVD

  • resent either a child or native missionary sponsorship DVD, “Offering Hope.” Learn how sponsoring a child will give them hope of a bright future or learn how sponsoring a native missionary can bring the truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have never heard the gospel preached before.

Step 3. Share Your Heart

  • Share why you think that sponsoring a child or a native missionary is so important; how for as little as $1.00 USD a day, anyone can save a life from despair and offer hope in its place.

Step 4. Be Available

  • Be sure that you make yourself available before and after the service to distribute sponsorship information and application forms to people who are interested in finding out more. Answer any question or concerns they may have

Step 5. Thank God for the Fruit of Your Service

  • At the end of the meeting, you will be excited to see that God has indeed used your life to find new sponsors for either the children or the native missionaries, or both! There are few things in this world that makes you feel as blessed and joyful as finding sponsors to partner with a native missionary or to provide children with food, clothing, , education, and a loving Christian home.

Step 6. Contact Us With Results

  • Once all is said and done, contact our offices and let us know just how fruitful you have been. Be it one sponsor or be it dozens. A sponsor is a sponsor and every sponsor is critical. You will then fax or mail us the signed sponsorship forms to us. We'll keep you updated as to the results of your efforts.

You Could Be Sent to the Mission Field

We are deeply thankful to everyone who works to advocate for Freedom From Chains. There are times when some individuals work extremely hard to see hundreds of people become sponsors through their efforts. For those individuals that find 100 sponsors who remain faithful sponsors for a minimum of six months, we offer them the opportunity to send them on short mission trip to visit a native missionary or an orphanage.

Will You Hold an Isaiah 58 Meeting?

If you’d like to hold an Isaiah 58 Sunday Meeting, then contact us. We will answer any questions you may have, and if you are then ready to move forward, we'll send you the material resources you will need to host a successful meeting. If you can, please place your order at least four to six weeks before your event.