News From the Mission Fields

Kha Lua posses with a missionary

After 79 Years a Widow Discoves Life

   08.01.2011   Native Missions | Evangelism |

Kha Lua realized that she had little time left in this world. She was sad to think that after a lifetime of practicing her faith, she had no assurance that she would enter heaven but God was about to act in her life...Read More »

widow and her children

Buddhist Widow Find Hope and God

   05.24.2011    Native Missions | Evangelism | Poverty | Hope |

Earning about $1 USD/day, a widow sees no hope of affording the cost sending her children to school and breaking the chains of poverty; until she comes face to face with her dream...Read More »

New believers gather for a group photo

100 New Believers in Dire Need of Bibles

   04.14.2011    Native Missions | Evangelism Support

In the past two months since graduating from Freedom From Chains Mission College. Myint Kyi, a native missionary, has seen his ministry grow by 100 new people coming to Christ. However...Read More »

Tea teaches us how to abide in Christ Jesus

Abiding in Christ - Tea Drinking Teaches Us How

   01.06.2011   Abiding | Christian Living

Look carefully and you'll find life lessons in the most unexpected places. Did you know that the way people drink tea can teach us a little something on how to abide in Jesus Christ? ...Read More »

floods plague myanmar

Christian Missions and Football

   11.23.2010    Native Missions | Christian Living | Evangelism

Believe it or not, christian missions and a football team have a lot in common. Let's place the five major parts of a football team into the content of christians missions and see if there is a correlation..Read More »

buddhist home shrine

Removing Buddhist Traditions to Pursu Jesus

   11.09.2010    SE Asia | Native Missions | Buddhism

Since it was brought to Myanmar almost two thousand years ago, Buddhism has weaved itself into virtually every aspect of Burmese culture.So much so, that it is nearly impossible to travel...Read More »

floods plague myanmar

Creation's Greatest Baseball Game

   09.13.2010    Native Missions | Christian Living

The Great Conflict of the Ages, the battle between good and evil can be exemplified and compared to a simple baseball game - come and read about Creation's Great Baseball Game...Read More »

Flood plagues burmese people

Floods & Mudslides Plague People of Myanmar

   09.10.2010    SE Asia | Poverty Reduction | Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of three days of torrential rains, large scale flooding and massive mudslides are plaguing Myanmar’s northwestern state of Rakhine which borders Bangladesh. Currently, the death toll stands...Read More »

Ex-buddhist monk and family

God's Healing Touch Brings Salvation

   08.22.2010    SE Asia | Restricted Nation | Native Missions | Healings

The last decade had been an exhaustive and discouraging time Zaw, a 13 year old boy, and his family. Their trial began one faithful morning when Zaw, then a three year old toddler, awoke paralyzed and...Read More »

Former buddhist nun and her son

When a Buddhist Nun Discovers Jesus Christ

   08.10.2010    SE Asia | Restricted Nation | Native Missions

When her husband died a few years ago, Lin Lin decided to become Buddhist nun. She "walked the path of enlightenment" as she studied the teachings of Buddha. One thing she never expected was...Read More »

native missionary prays

Buddhist Family Finds Healing and Redemption

   08.10.2010    SE Asia | Myanmar | Native Missions | Healings

Having recently become a Christian, Aye San faced daily persecution from her immediate family and friends. Her mother hurled insults at her while her grandfather cursed her newly embraced God...Read More »

Imprisoned missionary’s wife and daughter

The Cost of Being Called a Disciple of Christ

   07.12.2010    SE Asia | Restricted Nation | Native Missions | Persecution

U Mg Tun and his wife, Te Tei, are highly respected and admired among the brethren. They are known for their steadfast faith, sacrificial hearts, and their devotion to evangelism. Brother Tun made it a custom...Read More »

Woman shares her faith

A Life Restored Amid Sickness

   06.17.2010    SE Asia | Myanmar | Medical Relief | Native Missions | Healings

Aye San knew she was fighting a losing battle with intestinal tuberculosis. Her family could not afford the medical care she needed and so accepted the fact that she would soon die. However, things change...Read More »

village port

14 Buddhists Open Their Hearts To Jesus Christ

  06.05.2010    SE Asia | Myanmar | Native Missions

Brother Sui and I made a visit to the village of Than Su Pin, located north of Yangon on the Bago River. There are about 2,500 homes in the village and it serves as our base of mission operations for the...Read More »

village entrance

Transformation of a Village

   05.31.2010    SE Asia | Myanmar | Poverty Reduction | Native Missions

Ayayarwaddy Division is the beautiful deltaic region of southern Myanmar. With a population of roughly 6.5 million, it is one of Myanmar’s most populous regions. The beauty of the land can do little to...Read More »