Persecution - The Cost of Being a Disciple of Christ

  07.12.2010    SE Asia | Restricted Nation | Native Missions | Persecution
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"You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved." (Matthew 10:22 NASB)

Tun's wife & daughter stand outsideof home she must sell to gain early release of Tun.

Tun and his wife, Te Tei, are highly respected and admired among the native churches. They are known for their steadfast faith, sacrificial hearts, and their devotion to evangelism. Brother Tun made it a custom to go house to house every day, sharing the good news of the Gospel. As he approached each house he would take the time to say a short prayer asking God to prepare hearts for the message he was about to bring them. At first he was mocked but that would not stop him from bringing the good news to the village.

Tun continued his work day after day; his fellow villagers started becoming interested in what he had to share. In time, four people had given their lives over to God declaring that Jesus Christ was their Lord and Savior! When a few men heard of this foreign religion making headway, they became angry and plotted steps to stop Brother Tun from preaching any longer.

As Brother Tun was making his way home one evening, four men attacked him from behind. They were so quick and forceful that Tun had no time to react and found himself knocked to the ground. With bamboo sticks, his attackers proceeded to strike Tun over and over again as he laid on the ground in a fetal position. As they beat him, Tun asked for them to forgive him for any offense he may have caused them. He begged them to stop however, his cries for mercy fell on deaf ears. The attackers continued their brutal assault as they hurdles insults upon Tun and cursed his “Jesus.”

With blood pouring down his head and running into his eyes, brother Tun knew he had to get away or he might die. With the remaining strength he could muster, Tun stood up and broke free from their grasp. As Tun made his escape, one of the attackers was pushed off balance and fell backwards into a stream where he broke his leg.

Later that night, the attackers brought the police to Tun’s house. They were there to arrest Tun for assaulting and breaking the leg of his attacker. Tun protested telling the police officers that it was he that was attacked by the four men. Pointing to the dried blood and the numerous cuts and bruises he had suffered only minutes ago at the hands of his attackers, Tun replied, “It was an accident. I was fleeing from them as they struck me over and over with the bamboo. Can you not see my face and my bruised body? They might have killed me.” The police refused to believe Tun since he could not produce any witness to collaborate his story.

A few brothers advised Tun to hire a lawyer but, Tun knew that his family nor the church could afford to hire him an attorney. Besides, Brother Tun has an amazing faith which was made obvious to all when they heard his reply.

"Brothers, I already have a lawyer and His name is Jesus Christ. He stands by my side at all times to defend me. He knows all things and He can free me. So do not worry about me. Either way, I will continue to share the Gospel, in prison or out of prison.”

When the verdict has handed down, Tun’s wife and his seven year old daughter broke out in tears when they heard the judge announce the verdict. Tun was found guilty and sentenced to three years of hard manual labor at a local prison. Although the verdict was harsh, it was not totally unexpected.

In addition to the prison time than Tun must face, Tun’s family was ordered by the courts to pay plaintiff 1.1 million Kyats (equal to  $1,100 USD) to cover the plaintiff’s medical costs. Te Tei, did not have the money to cover the cost so the courts forced her to sell the family’s only source of income, their fruit stand.

There is some good news in the midst of everything. Tun’s sentenced time can be reduced to 18 months if the family can pay the plaintiff an additional $1,500 USD.  Te Tel is trying to sell her home so that she can pay the plaintiff and get her husband out of prison come October 2011. So please pray for this loving and courageous family.

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