Buddhist Family Finds Healing and Redemption

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Native missionary lays hands on a sick buddhist as prayers are offerd to God for healing

Having recently become a Christian, Aye San faced daily persecution from her immediate family and friends. Her mother hurled insults at her and her grandfather cursed her newly embraced God. The entire family demanded that Aye San stop worshiping a “foreign god” and return to her family’s Buddhist traditions. Day after day and week after week this continued however, Aye San held strong to her faith.

Over time, Aye San’s family began to notice a profound difference in her life. They also noticed the lifestyle of the Christians and their devotion to holiness and their love for one another. The family was especially amazed when they learned that an unknown Christian from the United States had sent enough money to cover the cost of treating Aye San’s Intestinal Tuberculosis. As they witnessed the love among the believers, Aye San’s family started to spend time among the Christians and even welcomed a few of them to their home from time to time.

Recently, Aye San’s mother had become gravely ill with a stomach ailment. No matter what remedies she tried she only got worse. Brother Sui, Aye San's pastor, made a trip to visit her. Upon his arrival he offered to pray for Ma Mu but, she refused saying, “I know that Christian people are a loving people but, I do not believe that your God is a healer of the sick.”

"My God can heal you!” Brother Sui replied, “However, you must believe enough to ask my God for help.” Ma Mu refused. She was not ready to ask for help from a "foreign god" whose followers she had been persecuting.

Over the next few days, Ma Mu continued to offer up prayers and offerings to her traditional family god called “Nats”. However, no matter how much she prayed she continued to get worse. Aye San stood at her mother’s side and continued to share the love of Christ with her. On the fourth day, Ma Mu stomach pains became so intense that she decided to ask if the Christians would pray for her. The request was quickly dispatched and the church began to earnestly pray for Ma Mu’s health.

The next day Brothers Sui and James went to visit Ma Mu. Brother Sui took Ma Mu by her hand and asked her a familiar question, "Do you believe enough to ask my God to heal you?”

Ma Mu took a deep breath and said, “I want to but I doubt. Please pray for me. If I get healed I will listen and believe all that your bible tells me about Jesus.”

With great joy the missionaries got on their knees and Brother James laid his hands upon Ma Mu’s head as prayers were being offered to the Lord. Within minutes, the stomachs pains that had plagued her for years begun to subside and then suddenly vanished.

Ma Mu (left) & Aye San (right) stand together as sisters in Jesus Christ.

Once Ma Mu realized this, she embraced her daughter and asked her to forgive her for the evil and all the insults she hurled at her since Aye San became a disciple of Christ. Both fell to their knees as they gave thanks to the God that healed them both.

Today, you will find Ma Mu and Aye San both worshipping the Lord with great zeal. Gone are the days in which both would persecute Christians. Gone are the days of worshipping false gods and gone are the days of physical misery.

During the last worship service, Ma Mu stood up in front of the church and spoke these words; “The God who I once hated became my healer. I proclaim today that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He has blessed me with eternal life. I will never hate 5Him again."

The good news does not stop here. Today, Ma Mu’s father and her youngest daughter are seeking their own relationship with Jesus Christ as they attend church on a weekly basis and eagerly reading the bible.


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