God's Healing Touch Brings Salvation

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Native Missions - Asia
Family comes to Christ

The last ten years has been exhaustive and discouraging for Zaw, a 13 year old boy, and his family. Their entire lives changed overnight when one faithful morning Zaw, being three years old at the time, woke up paralyzed from his waist down and unable to speak.

Year after year, the family spent a vast portion of their income seeking help for Zaw. They sold everything they could and literally became penniless paying for failed medical treatments; treatments which they had placed their hopes upon. There were many days when they barely had enough to buy food.

Zaw's family had been Theravada Buddhist their entire lives. His father was a respected monk serving at the local temple. Because of the Buddhists belief in Karma, the Buddhist law of moral cause and effect, Zaw most likely had become paralyzed because of his choices in his previous life. Zaw had no way to escape his bodily imprisonment except by bringing his Karma back into a state of balance. For the Buddhist, this is achieved through the unceasing effort at self-perfection or by having someone perform surplus acts of merit on someone’s behalf.  Hoping to help free their son from a life of suffering, Zaw’s parents devoted themselves to performing good deeds whenever possible; hoping to collect enough merits to bring Zaw’s karma back into balance.

No matter how many good deeds they performed, they never seemed to be enough; Zaw remained unable to walk to talk year after year. Feeling betrayed by the Buddhist teachings, any faith Zaw’s parents had remaining in Buddhism had evaporated to the drought of hope in their lives.Their hearts were burdened under tons of despair waiting for a miracle that never seemed to come. Little did they know that they were about to come face to face with a God who took note of their actions of love and heard their cries for help. This one true God was about to grant them the miracle they had been desperately seeking for years.

God had sent a his servant, a native missionary named Ngura, to their home. As Ngura stood at the door, he began to share a message that the family had never heard before. The message was of a God called YAHWEH who alone possesses immortality, infinite power, knowledge, wisdom, and beauty; who alone created all that is seen and unseen. A God who listens to those who pray to Him, and personally works for the good in the lives of those who diligently seek after Him.

Intrigued by this “unusual God,” Ngura was invited into the house. For the next couple of days Ngura taught them about Jesus Christ and the unlimited amount of merit available to us by virtue of His sinless life, meritorious death, and resurrection. They learned how YAHWEH freely offers this gift to anyone who repents of their evil ways and devotes themselves to becoming a disciple of Christ.

Zaw, a 13 year old boy takes is able to walk after being paralyzed for 10 years.
Prior to his accepting the teachings of Jesus Christ, Zaw's father was a buddhist monk.

As they continued to study the gospel, Zaw’s mother turned to the Ngura and said,”I see that Jesus healed the sick and the lame. He raised the dead, and He gave sight to the blind. Do you think God would heal my son?”

“I know that God can heal but, I do not know if God will heal your son. He may have other plans for Zaw," was Ngura's reply. "All we can do is to offer prayers and then wait for God to act.”

Zaw’s father then said, “If your God heals my son, I will make Him my God as well. I will forever leave the teachings of Buddha behind and proclaim the teachings of Jesus.”

Just as the first prayers were offered, Zaw began to cry out loud. The more Ngura prayed the more Zaw cried and convulsed. Ngura knew at that moment that they were dealing with demonic spirits and certain spiritual powers that could only be conquered through continual prayer and fasting. For the next seven days, Ngura and his church fasted for the healing and deliverance of Zaw and his family.

Four days later, Zaw’s parents reported that he was no longer convulsing and that he was able to move his toes a little. These changes in Zaw gave them hope and they were inspired to continue studying the teachings of Jesus. After seven days of prayers and fasting, the miracle the family had been desperately seeking for had come upon them.

As Ngura was sharing scriptures, the sound of a floor buckling behind them grabbed their attention. Zaw’s father was the first to turn around to see his son standing upright on his own strength for the first time in over ten years. Silence had gripped the household as everyone stood in awe at the scene before them.

Swaying from side to side, Zaw slowly placed one foot in front of the other as he made his way across the room. As Zaw took his last step into his father waiting embrace, the overwhelming joy that was building in each heart burst forth engulfing the entire household.

Today you will find Zaw playing soccer with his new friends. Both father and mother have embraced Christianity. They have many challenges before them. Zaw still needs physical therapy to continue strengthening his muscles and he is still unable to speak. However, there is renewed hope in God. After renouncing the Buddhist faith, Zaw’s father no longer serves as a Buddhist monk.

Currently the family has virtually no income except for the small amount benevolence that their poor congregation is able to provide. Regardless of the challenges before them, they are proud to call themselves “Christians." Please pray for them and consider offering a donation of any amount. Your generous gift will make all the difference in the world as they get started in their new life as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ.

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