Creation's Greatest Baseball Game

  09.13.2010    Native Missions | Christian Living
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Baseball game

The Great Conflict of the Ages, the battle between good and evil can be exemplified and compared to a simple baseball game - come and read about Creation's Great Baseball Game.

God's teams, ‘The Mighty Saints’, were playing satan's team -known as the 'Demonics’. It was the bottom of the ninth inning and the Demonics held a 2-1 lead. The Mighty Saints were up at bat and already had two outs with all bases empty. However, Jesus, the Manager of the 'Mighty Saints' did not appear to be even slightly concerned. As a matter of fact, Jesus had a smile going from cheek to cheek as He called for a time out to gathered His Mighty Saints together in the dugout.

“OK, this is it!" Jesus said. "We seem to be down and out, but it only appears that way. You see them?" Jesus pointed to everyone in the stadium and said, “We are going to win this game and we are going to give creation an awesome finish. So listen up, here is the new lineup..."

Jesus sent out the first batter to the plate and it was “Love.” Love swung at the first pitch and got a single. Next up was ‘Faith’ who also managed to hit a single and get on base. Up next was 'Godly Wisdom.'

Satan wound up and threw a burner of a pitch. However, Godly Wisdom carefully examined satan’s pitch and decided to pass on the ball. "Ball one!" and then the umpire shouted "Ball Two!" With each pitch, satan grow more and more frustrated at Godly Wisdom because he never seemed to go for his cherished curve balls. Since Godly Wisdom never swings at satan’s pitches, Godly Wisdom was able to load the bases by walking onto first.

With all the bases loaded, all of creation got to its feet and cheered as they saw ‘Hope’ walking up to the plate. Satan stared Hope in the eye and threw the fastest pitch he could muster. Hope swung with all his might and everyone heard the crackling of the bat as it made contact with the ball. The baseball was “going, going, going...” – it appeared a home run was about to occur. However, satan’s center fielder whose name is ‘Disappointment’ jumped up and stole the home run away. Creation let out a sigh and fell silent.

Unlike the crowd, Jesus never got discouraged. He simply smiled and called out His number one franchise player named “Grace.” Grace did not look like much. As Grace approached home plate, Satan’s entire team relaxed and began to laugh at and mock Grace. Think that he had the game won; Satan wound up and released his pitch. To the shock of everyone in creation, Grace hit the ball harder than anyone had ever hit a ball before!

As the ball began it long flight away from home plate, Satan did not appear to be too worried. After all, Disappointment rarely lets a ball get past him. As Disappointment was tracking the hard hit ball, he was preparing to time his jump perfectly so that he could snatch the ball out of the air and deprive the 'Mighty Saints’ and their Owner - God, of a win.

Disappointment jumped for the ball, but Grace had hit the ball with so much force that it ripped right through Disappointments’ glove. Creation jumped to its feet in total exuberance as Grace had scored a grand slam. The final score was not even close. The Lord's team won the game!

After the game, the Lord was asked, “Why was it that neither Love, Faith, Hope, or Godly Wisdom could not win the game on their own?” 

The Lord smiled and said, “Love, Faith, Hope, and Godly Wisdom can do many awesome things. They can get on base, but they cannot win the game on their own! It still takes Grace to save the game and to bring everyone home.

Then Jesus turned around as He pointed to a billboard which said;

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast." (Ephesians 2:8,9)

Please pray for the following:

  1. Pray that love, faith, hope, and godly wisdom will abound among the churches in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, and India.
  2. That God will continue to pour His grace upon all the work that we at Freedom From Chains and our partners undertake.

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