100 New Believers in Dire Need of Bibles

  04.14.2011    Native Missions | Evangelism Support
Native Missions - Asia
The 100 new believers standing together

By Brother James | Myanmar

The life of the native missionary in the rural Myanmar is a hard. Every day brings about a new struggle, each with its own challenges. As difficult as the a native missionaries life is, FFC missionaries hear the voice of Jesus and follow His example as they share the good news of the gospel to all who will listen.

One such missionary is Myint Kyi. Having recently attended Freedom From Chains Mission College (FFCMC), Myint Kyi wasted no time in bringing the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to the unreached masses in the mission fields north of Bago, Myanmar.

Since Myint Kyi’s graduation from FFCMC, he has refused to waste a single day by not preaching the gospel. At dawn Myint Kyi’ prays and then heads out to preach the glorious gospel near water wells, under a tree, or anywhere else people gather.

In the past two months, God has moved the hearts of over a 100 people to see their sin, their dire need of salvation, and the need of publically professing their faith in Jesus Christ. With such a large harvest come many challenges. One such problem is how to properly train all the new believers to obey all the commands that Jesus taught (Mt 28:19, 20) and live as Disciples of Christ Jesus. These new believers are thirsty in the word of God. They love to listen the preaching of FFC missionaries when they visit, and they yearn to hear and read the Bible.

However, this awesome display of God’s power also exposes a problem that churches and missionaries must face when they advance the Kingdom of God in the restricted mission fields of Southeast Asia – the need for Bibles! Currently, theses new believers have access to only a handful of Bibles. In each village that Myint Kyi has planted a church in usually has one bible available to the church.

Missioanry preaching
Myint Kyi peaching to the unreached.

Whenever the believers have spare time, usually after work during the night or over the weekend, they gather in groups for hours to hear the Word of God being read to them. During the times the Bible is read you can hear a pin drop. You will also hear the shedding of tears as hearts are being pierced by the very Word of God. You will hear people sigh in wonder as they hear the awesome works of God in the lives of those that preceded them in the faith. You will even hear bursts of laughter when they hear God’s unique and often times humorous way of dealing with His children.

Recently we asked Myint Kyi to share with us his ministry's greatest need. He replied, “What each believer needs most, especially the youngest in faith among us is there own personal Bible to read and learn from. For without hearing the very words of God their faith will not grow for faith comes from hearing the Word of God.”

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ." (Romans 10:17 NIV)

It is hard for the rich and prosperous believers in the affluent western churches to truly understand what life is like for believers in the poor mission field of Asia who do not have access to their own Bible.

Myint Kyi continued saying, “Our brethren in the west have access to all sorts of books to help them grow in their knowledge of God and their faith in Christ Jesus. This is not so for us in Myanmar. Because of our poverty it is difficult to afford the cost of a bible. It will cost an average villager two full months of wages to afford a single New Testament Bible.”

Imagine the awesome benefits each believer would experience if they were given their own personal copy of a Bible. Think of how little our faith would grow and how difficult a life lived in Christ would be without the Spirit of God working in us as we read the scriptures without own eyes.

Please pray for the God to prepare and move His people to provide the funds needed to provide a total of 200 Bibles for the new and soon to be believers (100 NT and 100 Full Bibles). Each NT Bible (New Testament only) costs $5 USD and a Full Bible (containing both the Old and New Testaments) costs $13 USD.

If you feel moved and called by God to help provide one, 10 or more Bibles to Myint Kyi and his blossoming ministry, please consider giving us a donation.

  • $10 USD will give 2 believers a new NT bible
  • $50 USD will give 10 believers a new NT bible
  • $100 USD will give 25 believers a new NT bible
  • $250 USD will give 50 believers a new NT bible
  • $500 USD will give 100 believers a new NT bible


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