Buddhist Widow Finds Hope and God

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Widow stands with her two children.

Located about 12 miles from the city of Yangon, the township of Hlaing Thar Yar is one of the most heart breaking mission fields in which Freedom From Chains operates. Most of its 160,000 residents lack a viable education and most can only find jobs as common hand laborers earning an average of just $1.25 USD per day. At this income level, parents can barely provide the basic neccessities a family needs from day to day; such as food, water, and shelter. To the vast majority of parents, the ability to afford the cost of sending their precious children to school is only a dream.

Parents realize that without an education their children will not be able to break the bonds of poverty and escape the endless cycle of despair their family has endured for generations. The situation is worse for widows who often have no one to turn to for help.

One such widow is Daw Hta who for years has been barely able to provide food on the table for herself and her two orphaned nieces. Every day for years she would cry out to Buddhist spirit world asking for help to send her nieces to school. Day after day she would offer prayers and offerings but they made no difference. Little did she know that there was a God who was listening and that He was about to act on her behalf.

God sent Brother Sui Zama, a native missionary to her house one day. Sui had known of her despair and had been praying for wisdom as to how to best help meet Daw Hta’s needs s that God would be glorified. Then one day he got his answer. He got up and walked to her home and offered Daw Hta to pay for the cost of sending her two young nieces to school.

At first Daw Hta was deeply concerned even though she knew of Sui Zama’s reputation among the neighbors of being a kind hearted “Christian” man. She was asking herself, “What does he want in return for this offer?” She could not understand why anyone would dare to offer her children with an education? Surely there must have been something he wanted. So she asked him, “why would you, someone not related to me would offer such a gift?”

Sui Zama simply smiled and told her that God had commanded him to go to her and share His love for them by offering them a gift they could never afford - to pay for the eeducation for her niece and newphew. "All I ask," said Sui Zama, "is that you come to one of our worship service."

Even though Daw Hta was overly concerned that there was more to Sui Zama’s offer than he was tellign her, she accepted his offer. She knew the cost of not sending her nieces to school was far too great for her to not accept; regardless of what Sui Zama might later ask her.

Once the children had gone to school for a couple of weeks, Daw Hta kept her promise and attended a worship service.  For the first time in her life she heard the gospel being preached. As she listened she felt her heart being pierced by the gospel. After service, she was warmly welcome by the Christians and saw frirst hand the love each had for the other. She was moved that day and she wanted to learn more about the "strange" Christian faith.

The next day, Daw Hta asked Sui Zama to her house so that he may share the gospel of Christ with her. The more she heard the more she began to feel God working in her heart. Within a few days, Daw Hta had decided to walk away from her former Buddhist lifestyle and embrace Jesus Christ. Today you will find Daw Hta and her two children living joufully for the glory of God. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue growing in their love, knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ.

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