After 79 Years a Widow Discovers Life

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Widow stands with her two children.

Recently,several students from Freedom From Chains Mission College(FFCMC) embarked on a gospel outreach mission to bring the Gospel of Christ to Ayeyarwady, the deltaic region of southern Myanmar. It was the first time that Freedom From Chains (FFC) sent a group of student missionaries to the village of AY12 (name withheld for security of believers) to bring the light of truth to this unreached village enslaved in spiritual darkness.

The villagers practice a religion called Saphyu. One of their major beliefs is that the amount of good deeds a person performs while they are alive in this world will determine their eternal destiny in the world to come - be it heaven or hell. For a vast majority, it is a religion that offers little peace in life or hope after death. One of its practitioners was 79 year old widow named Kha Lua (see picture above).

Upon her 70th birthday, fear gripped her as she realized that she had little time left in this world. Worst yet, she had no peace and no assurance that after a lifetime of practicing her faith that she would enter heaven. Kha Lua reasoned that she felt this way because she had not yet done enough acts of kindness. So she decided that she would donate over time the remainder of her possessions.

Nine years later she had nothing left to give except for her open air bamboo hut. Kha Lua said, “I had given everything I had to give and I was still empty.” Little did Kha Lua know that God was about to do something wonderful in her life. God was about to offer her what she had been so desperately seeking for years - eternal life.

"It was during the second day of the gospel outreach in my village that something marvelous to me," said Kha Lua. “I overheard a missionary named Nant Gue sharing the gospel of Jesus with my neighbor. At first I was very bitter and angry and I was not very interested. But the more I overheard about Jesus the more I wanted to listen and learn".

Kha Lua eventually approached a couple of missionaries and asked them to stay at her place for the night so she could learn more about Jesus and the eternal life he promised.

God continued to work overnight on Kha Lua’s heart so much so that by morning, she decided to abandon the Saphyu religion and embrace the teaching of Christ. As the missionaries prepared to depart, Kha Lua asked for two things.  “I wanted to be baptized and I asked them [the missionaries] to leave me a bible so that my granddaughter could read it to me and anyone else who wants to listen.”

Please pray for Kha Lua and the rest of this village. She is waiting for a church to be planted in her village. Currently FFC is seeking the financial resources needed to send forth two missionaries to long term to Kha Lua’s village where a church will be planted. There are numerous villages within several miles of the village – all are yet unreached!

Please pray for God to soon bring His glory to the village and surrounding area. If you are interested in sponsoring a missionary please contact Freedom From Chains. We welcome your partnership as we forcefully and boldly advance the Gospel of Christ among the people of Myanmar, one heart at a time.

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