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The Work of Native Missionaries is Often Limited by the Lack of Tools

There are countless indigenous missionaries throughout the world who being faithful to their calling. They are preaching the glorious news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard of it before, in the hope that they will allow God to break apart the chains of sin that enslaved them and have that have held them in imprisoned in dark despair and without hope. They are planting Churches where none have ever existed before. Most of all, they are driven to see that God is worshipped and glorified among all the nations (Mal 1:11). However, they are often times hindered by their lack of even the most basic teaching resources such as bibles, devotions, commentaries, and the like. At Freedom From Chains, we believe that an important part of our ministry is to provide these indigenous missionaries and their churches with those resources that we take for granted, those resources that will help them to spread the Gospel of Christ to those who have yet to hear it and to deepen the faith of the local native churches.

Bible & Literature Distribution

Many Christians in the foreign field do not own a Bible. We have known of congregations with only one Bible, where the pastor was required to ask permission from the church in order to carry the Bible with him during missionary journeys to other villages. Our strategy for Bible distribution is as follows:

  • We purchase Bibles in bulk rate in order to lower the cost.
  • We purchase Bibles inside the country of distribution in order to avoid problems with shipping and customs.
  • We purchase hardback Bibles with pages that are glued and sewn together. Paperback Bibles are cheaper, but will not last long..
  • Our Bibles contain both the Old and New Testaments, and a concordance, the only study tool that many believers will ever own.

We sell our Bibles at a discount rate rather than giving them away for free. We take great pains to insure that no genuine believer leaves without a Bible, but we do require that something of value be given. We have given Scripture in return for chickens, fish, coffee beans, etc. By purchasing the Bible instead of receiving it as charity, the believer’s personal dignity and sense of responsibility remain intact. The believer’s offering is used to purchase more Bibles for other believers.

Ministry Resources & Logistical Support Tools

Freedom From Chains has provided and will continue to provide for such needs as:

  • Boats and motors so missionaries can reach villages that are only accessible by rivers and other navigable water ways.
  • Transportation in the form of automobiles, horses, and bicycles so that missioanries may bring relief supplies to distance villages quickly, to bring medical supplies so that they can meet the medical needs of the sick and poor, and many other reasons.
  • Media equipment such as sound systems, projectors, and evangelistic films to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life.
  • Computers to aid with administrative work.

Although we always seek to be cautious in designating funds to anything other than “incarnational missions”, we recognize this ministry to be nearly indispensable to the work of God. Especially in more remote parts of the Third World.

Our mission is to produce and distribute printed materials along with audio and video resources so that indigenous Churches and missionaries may be properly nourished on sound doctrine; prepared oendure hardship, do be thouroghly equipped for every good work, and prepared to answers that draw people to the Corss of Christ.

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