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Native Missionary Sponsorship - How Does it Work

Why Sponsor a Native Missionary to Bring the Gospel to the Unreached

With your sponsorship of a native missionary you will partner with a brother or sister who will sacrifice their life to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard it. You and your missionary partner will help give the gift of light to those who live in spiritual darkness; you both will help to break the chains that have enslaved people to their sin and, have kept them from freely moving into the loving arms of the one true God. Together, you both will bring Glory to God while you help to advance the Kingdom of God on earth .

So why spend your money on cup of coffee that will last you for 30 minutes and then be gone forever? Why spend it on a pack of gum that will end up in the trash in a short while? Don't spend your money but invest your money. Invest in native missions and you will be advancing the Kingdom of God on earth today!

How Much is Needed to Fully Support a Native Missionary

It takes between $100 USD and $350 USD per month to support each native missionary through Freedom From Chains. The amount needed to support each missionary varies according to country, location, and family status. For example, living costs are higher in the Middle East than in South America; Mexico is higher than in India. Missionaries who reside within urban centers require more support than those living in rural villages; married men need more than single workers. Freedom From Chains assigns several sponsors per missionary in $60 USD increments to reach the full support per missionary. Distributing a missionary's support in this manner provides for greater prayer support and prevents the complete loss of income in the event a sponsor is forced to discontinue their sponsorship.

How Does a Missionary Get the Sponsorship Funds

Understand that 100% of your sponsorship goes directly to the missionary! Nothing is taken out for administration or fundraising, we use our administrative funds for that. Your missionary receives the full benefit of your generosity.

Now, when you send your support for the missionary you sponsor, Freedom From Chains forwards your monthly gifts to the field office in the nation where the missionary lives. The funds are then exchanged for local currency by the local ministry leaders and administrators.

Depending on the country in which the missionary resides, each missionary accesses their monthly support in various manners. In open nations such as Thailand the funds are deposited directly into the bank account of the missionary. In nations that are highly restricted or hostile to Christians, other avenues for dispersing the funds are implemented. For security reasons we will not discuss this. We appreciate your understanding regarding this issue. Regardless, all sponsored missionaries are given their monthly support once a month so they can stay completely devoted to bringing light of the Gospel to the darkest places in the world.

How Will the Missionary Use the Funds they Receive

When sponsoring a native missionary you will give them the financial resources and the brotherly encouragement they need to:

  • Preach the Gospel to the Unreached People Groups - Imagine living in a place that has been cloaked in spiritual darkness for thousands of years, never having been given the opportunity to hear the glorious message of salvation found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Imagine the joy when you first learned the teachings of Jesus. You can share this same joy and blessing with tens of thousands of others in places you will most likely never be able to go as a westerner.
  • Plant Churches Where None Have Existed Before - After having preached the gospel to a village, and a number of people making the decision to become disciples of Jesus Christ, the native missionary will seek to plant a new church further advancing the Kingdom of God.
  • Attend Bible Conferences - Bible conferences are offered once or twice a year and they last for four days or more. They serve as a way for missionaries to obtain intensive training to further deepen their knowledge of scripture, and to foster a closer walk with the Lord Jesus. They benefit from the encouragement that arises from the fellowship they will have with other.
  • Provide a Home, Food, and Clothing for them and their family - If not for your financial support, these brethren will most likely have to work 16+ hours a day to be able to provide their most basic living needs. Working such long hours makes it virtually impossible to preach the gospel full-time and to pastor a church.

What Will I Receive as a Missionary Sponsor

We provide you with a number of meaningful benefits:

  • An Information Packet will be sent to you within a few days of receiving your agreement to sponsor a missionary. This packet will include a photo of the missionary and their basic life story. It will give you statistical information of the nation in which the missionary works within. You will also learn a little of the nation's history, its culture, and the status of the church.
  • A Thank You Card from your partner in the mission field will be sent to you once a year
  • Periodic Updates of the Missionary's Work so you can see what fruit is being brought to God's throne so that He will be glorified. You will learn of what is happening with his/her ministry, their family, and their personal walk with the Lord. They will share with you their successes, failures, hopes, and prayers. (Please note that if you sponsor a missionary that resides in a nation that is closed, restricted, or hostile to Christianity please understand that it might be difficult or unsafe for the missionary to contact you via email or postal mail. If this is the case we will provide you with bi-yearly updates by obtaining updates from the mission field through more secured channels. This however, takes time so we ask that you please consider and understand this.)
  • A Monthly Newsletter which will detail news from the news from the mission field with both its successes and setbacks.
  • Monthly Prayer List for your sponsored missionary's target people group so you can specifically pray for their needs. Prayer is a critical link between you, your partner in the mission field, and God.
  • Inexpressible Joy that comes from enjoying the blessings that come supporting a native missionary and knowing that soon a great harvest will eventually result from your investment in the Kingdom of God.

Questions about Sponsoring a Missionary

Please refer to our missionary sponsorship program frequently asked questions page. If you still do not have an answer to your question then feel free to contact by phone or email us.

Before You Sponsor a Missionary

Before you experience all the joy and blessings that come from sponsoring a native missionary, we ask that you carefully consider the cost of doing so. As a sponsor, you are being asked to commit yourself to making regularly periodic contributions (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly options are available) to support our fellow brethren in the mission fields. If you fail to give one month, you can inadvertently adversely affect their life and their ability to effectively preach the Gospel. So if you are ready, welcome! We are excited to have you as our partner.

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