Native missioanry preaching the Gospel

Why Sponsor a Native Missionary

It has been asked why the western churches should support and implement native mission programs to bring the gospel to the "unreached people groups." Why not simply do it themselves? Why sponsor a native missionary when we can send a well-trained missionary from a developed western nation? Well, consider the following.

Native Missionaries Have Substantially Fewer Barriers to Overcome

Although a native missionary faces many obstacles in preaching the gospel, they have fewer barriers to overcome than non-native missioanries have before they can readily preach the gospel from village to village. Here are a few factors that are in their favor;

  • Unlike their western counterparts, a native missionary does need to concern himself with entry visas or with being deported. They are citizens in the country where they serve and their work can never be disrupted by the expiration or cancellation of visas. If wars or political instability develop, they stay on.
  • In the eyes of their government and their countrymen, a native missionary does not automatically represent a "foreign country or religion". They generally avoid the stigma of being known or seen as a “foreigner” who is bringing a dangerous foreign religion to pollute their culture or traditions. Therefore, the native citizens are more open to hearing and considering the message being brought to them.
  • A native missionary can be sent out at a fraction of the cost of a Western missionary. In fact, the cost of supporting a western missionary can vary between $42,000 to over $75,000 USD per year (depending on the target nations). A native missionary can be supported for roughly $1,440 USD to $3,600 USD per year.
  • The native missionary essentially lives at the same economic level as the people among whom he ministers. His living allowance typically runs between $100 USD and $150 USD a monthly, though some in urban areas may need more. He hardly ever takes a furlough to raise additional funds and doesn’t have to buy airfare to and from America on a yearly basis.
  • Other advantages of native missionaries offers »

Native Missionaries & Their Qualifications

native missionary and his wife

Every year the Lord enables Freedom From Chains to send out trained native missionaries who have shown themselves to be blessed with an extra portion of God's Holy Spirit or have graduated from our mission bible college. They are God fearing men and women who make it their priority to be constantly nourished on the words of faith (1Ti 4:6) so they may be absorbed by the things of God (1Ti 4:15).

These brethren have devoted themselves to the public reading of scriptures, preaching and to teaching (1 T1 4:13). They have given themselves over to the study of scripture so they may always be ready to accurately handle the word of truth (2Ti 2:15) at all times. They train their spirit not to be not quick-tempered but, hospitable, just, devout, and self-controlled (Titus 1:7-9). Time and time again, they have shown themselves to have a heart that pursues the will of God.

Preaching the Gospel not Only in Words but in Action

The native missionaries we partner with and, hopefully you will also, serve as ambassadors of Christ and are able to go and preach the gospel where no western missionaries can go.

The native missionary will at times provides basic medical care to the poorest of the poor who live in remote rural areas where no doctors live or hospitals exist. A missionary will also lovingly care for orphans and street children who have no one to look after their needs. They meet the needs of the poor, the hungry, and the homeless. They encourage believers who are imprisoned for the sake of the gospel.

They have powerful ideas, effective approaches, and a unique ability to present the gospel of Christ in places where no western missionary may visit. They have a consuming passion to preach the gospel of Christ to their countrymen in the hope that the chains that enslave their people may be broken; that men might be set free from the bondage of sin and spiritual darkness. Too many, it’s more than a job, it’s a glorious addiction. An addiction to bring the glory of God's light to the darkest corners of the world. We are proud to partner with such men and women.

You + Native Missionary = Reaching the Unreached for Christ

Although these missionaries have a lot going for them, they are often severely limited by their inability to provide the financial needs of their ministry. To bring the gospel of Christ to the parts of the world that have yet to hear the name of Jesus requires money. Money allows for bibles to be distributed, it allows the missionary to travel and for the construction of churches. It affords the missionary with ongoing biblical and ministry training, and so much more.

The missionaries we work with live amongst some of the poorest nations on earth where an average person earns less than $2 USD working an eight to 10 hour day! Such an income makes it nearly impossible for anyone to raise a healthy family and to fully undertake the tremendous task of evengelizing their unreached countrymen. What they need is a partner to come beside them and provide them with the resources they are lacking.

Please consider partnering with one your fellow missionaries. For just $1.65 per day, you will be providing them with the resources they need to fully maximize their ministry outreach among the unreached peoples. Ask yourself this - where else can you spend $1.65 and get so much back for your money? You financial support will enable tens of thousands of people to be presented with the same opportunity that you have already been given - the opportunity to hear the gospel of Christ and so be saved.

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