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Orphan Sponsorship - How Does the Program Work

Sponsor an Orphan Today & Change Their Life Forever Tomorrow

Right now, impoverished orphans all over the world suffer in silence. Having either been abandoned by their family or having lost their parents to sickness, accident, or disaster, they have no one to care for them. Born into poverty, these poor children have to fend for themselves, often living on pennies a day. Most orphans have lost everything of value and go day-to-day without having access to basic medical care, adequate housing, proper clothing, or nutritious meals. Every day is a challenge for them to survive one more day. If an orphan does not find an adult to love them and to provide for their basic needs, they stand little chance of having a bright future. However, there is hope for each of these children - You! .

Sponsor an Orphan for Only $1.25 USD Per Day

Sponsor an Orphan today with a tax-deductible contribution of just $380 USD per month per orphan. Your gift of love will help a child to hold onto hope; knowing that someone cares enough about them to provide for their daily needs. You can be their life line to a bright future by sponsoring an orphan today through Freedom From Chains

When you send your support for the child you sponsor, Freedom From Chains forwards the funds to the field office in the nation where the child lives. Then the funds are exchanged for local currency and then sent to the men and women who oversee the orphanage where your child is residing.

What Benefits Will My Sponsored Orphan Receive

When you sponsor an impoverished child orphan, you will be providing the child with the critical support they need to grow up healthy, secure, and educated. Our sponsor programs and services are adapted to meet the changing needs of each orphan as they develop into young adults. When you sponsor an orphan you will give your child the following opportunities:

  • Raised in the Ways of the Lord - The Glorious Message of Jesus Christ will be thought on a daily basis, they will memorize Bible verses that will serve as a lamp as they walk in a darkened world; they will learn the stories of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, the twelve Disciples, and many more. They will learn how to lift up their voices to worship God for His love and redemptive work that is shown in the life of Jesus Christ. They will be encouraged to live their lives in such a manner as to glorify God in all they do.
  • A Quality Education - It has been estimated that for every year a child stays in school, their future earning potential will be increased by a minimum of 10-20%. Your sponsorship will provide your child an education that will be instrumental in helping them to break free from the cycle of poverty they once knew while preparing them to reach their full potential and lead an independent life. In addition, they will be provided items such as school uniforms and shoes, school fees, textbooks, backpacks and other school related supplies.
  • A Healthy & Nutritional Diet - Sponsored children receive regular health and malnutrition screenings during their routine medical checkups. Upon their initial registration, those children who are malnourished are enrolled in our nutrition program, where they may be provided with emergency food, vitamins and other support. Children receive dietary guidance such as food-handling and preparation classes, nutrition games and materials and even instruction on how to grow healthy gardens. The purpose is to strengthen the immune system, enhance cognitive and physical development, and increase concentration in school.
  • Appropriate Clothing - A continual assessment is made of the child's basic physical needs, and the child is regularly provided with necessary items such as clothing, shoes, and hygiene supplies; such items are chosen individually for each child, based on their needs and personalities, and presented in the name of their sponsor.
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  • Medical Care - The Orphanage staff will ensure that the children are continuously monitored. Any medication conditions be treated promptly, given any necessary tests and medication, and even referred to specialists as needed. Extra attention is given in areas where malaria or tuberculosis is prevalent. In addition to periodic checkups and medical treatment, children also learn basic habits of good hygiene, such as washing hands, trimming fingernails and bathing regularly.
  • Regular Dental Screenings & Care - Because dental services isn’t just about keeping children’s teeth and gums clean; it’s crucial to proper nutrition, overall health and good self-esteem.
  • Enrichment Activities - In an effort to allow the child the opportunity of exploring and pursuing his/her talents, interests, and native culture, sponsorship funds may allow the child to enter art, music, dance, computer, language, and sport schools/lessons, where these are available. Children are also able to take part in historical, cultural, educational, and recreational excursions as circumstances and funding permits.
  • Development of Social Skills and Self-confidence From the earliest ages in kindergarten, children are given opportunities to play games and practice basic rules of courtesy.

What Will I as an Orphan Sponsor Receive?

Building a relationship between you and your sponsored child is important, so we provide you with a number of meaningful benefits:

  • An Information Packet will be sent to you within a few days of receiving your agreement to sponsor a child. This packet will include a photo of the child you are sponsoring and heir basic life story. This packet will help you to get acquainted with your child's nation, culture, and more.
  • Child's Handwritten Welcome Card made by the child you sponsor (only if it is safe to send the card. For we work in certain nations where Christianity is either illegal or there exists a hostile environment against Christians and Christian organizations.)
  • A Thank You Card from your child will be sent to you once a year (only if it is safe to send the card. For we work in certain nations where Christianity is either illegal or there exists a hostile environment against Christians and Christian organizations.)
  • An Annual Photo will be sent to you so you can see your child change and grow
  • Biannual Progress Report with updated information about your child
  • Monthly Newsletter will be emailed to you sharing stories from the mission field and the orphanage.

And, the satisfaction of opening your heart to a special child who will remember your generosity and compassion for a lifetime!

What If I Can't Afford to Sponsor an Orphan Monthly?

If you cannot make a monthly commitment to sponsor a orhan at this time, you can still help the neediest of these children by:

Sponsor an Orphan or Two by Check
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