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Orphan Sponsorship Program Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Life Will an Unsponsored Child Have?

The children in our sponsorship program live among some of the poorest and most needly peoples groups of the world. They live in a world where children face incredible disadvantages growing up. Without a sponsor to help them, a child will endure a lifetime of hunger and oppressive poverty with little hope of escape. Often times, these children are shunned by many in their society. They are often the recipients of cruel abuse and angry beatings. Many are forced into prostitution as young as eight of age. Some work up to 18 hours a day in factories, coal mines, tea plantations and pastures. Regardless of what they do, they will all remain enslaved to a cruel master - poverty. It’s doubtful that they will ever handle a bar of soap, eat ice cream cone or cradled a doll. Their health will almost always be compromised, and they might become crippled because of malnutrition. Worst of all, they will most likely never hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to them. However, every child you sponsor will be given the hope of a life filled with love, purpose, and joy.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

Our child sponsorship program springs from the foundation upon which Freedom From Chains was started — a calling to make known the name of God among all the people of the world so that His name will be worship from the rising of the sun to its setting (Mal 1:11). This is why our programs have such a great impact. The philosophy behind our children's outreach program has a twofold approach. First, we put Jesus Christ at the center of all we do. It is a fact: Whether healthy or sick, rich or poor, people face eternity without Christ if they do not know Him. Therefore, our highest goal is to share the message of salvation and forgiveness through Christ. Second, we take a "big picture" approach. Each child we educate is part of an extended family. As these boys and girls begin to understand God's love, expressed to them in very practical ways, they take the message back to their siblings, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. As a result, hearts and homes previously resistant to the Good News are now open to the witness of native missionaries like never before. Your love and care reach far beyond just one individual. As you extend hope to your sponsored child, that same hope can be passed onto an entire family and possibly, future generations.

What is Your Role as a Sponsor?

When you make a commitment to sponsor your child, you become a vital part of your child's life. Your regular donations provide a valuable education and lay a foundation for a future of filled with the new possibilities and joy. Your ongoing prayer for your sponsored child is another investment in the life of the child that has the potential to bear eternal rewards - not only in one child's heart but also in a family, a community, and possibly a nation once revival comes upon it.

How Does My Gift Reach My Sponsored Child?

When you send your donation for your child, Freedom From Chains forwards it to the field office in the nation where the child lives. The funds are then exchanged for local currency and sent to the orphanage that your child is enrolled at.

What Specific Benefits Will My Sponsored Child Receive?

As a sponsor, you give your child access to the following;

Raised in the Ways of the Lord - The Glorious Message of Jesus Christ will be thought on a daily basis, they will memorize Bible verses that will serve as a lamp as they walk in a darkened world; they will learn the stories of the Patriarchs such as; Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, David, The twelve Disciples, and more. They will learn how to lift up their voices to worship God for His love and redemptive work that is shown in the life of Jesus Christ. They will be encouraged to live their lives in such a manner as to glorify God in all they do.

Access to Medical Care - The staff of the orphanage will ensure that the health of each child is closely monitored. Any medication conditions be treated promptly, given any necessary tests and medication, and even referred to specialists as needed. Extra attention is given in areas where malaria or tuberculosis is prevalent. In addition to periodic checkups and medical treatment, children also learn basic habits of good hygiene, such as washing hands, trimming fingernails and bathing regularly.

Regular Dental Screenings & Care - Because dental services isn’t just about keeping children’s teeth and gums clean; it’s crucial to proper nutrition, overall health and good self-esteem.

A Healthy & Nutritional Diet - Sponsored children receive regular health and malnutrition screenings during their routine medical checkups. Upon their initial registration, those children who are malnourished are enrolled in our nutrition program, where they may be provided with emergency food, vitamins and other support. Children receive dietary guidance such as food-handling and preparation classes, nutrition games and materials and even instruction on how to grow healthy gardens. The purpose is to strengthen the immune system, enhance cognitive and physical development, and increase concentration in school.

Clothing - A continual assessment is made of the child's basic physical needs, and the child is regularly provided with necessary items such as clothing, shoes, and hygiene supplies; such items are chosen individually for each child, based on their needs and personalities, and presented in the name of their sponsor.

Education - Since it has been estimated that for every year a child stays in school, their future earning potential will be increased by 10-20%, your sponsorship will provide an education to your child. In addition, they will be provided with textbooks, basic school supplies, and a school uniform (when required).But even more significant, learning to read and write means that a future of hope is guaranteed.

Enrichment Activities - In an effort to allow the child the opportunity of exploring and pursuing his/her talents, interests, and native culture, sponsorship funds may allow the child to enter art, music, dance, computer, language, and sport schools/lessons, where these are available. Children are also able to take part in historical, cultural, educational, and recreational excursions as circumstances and funding permits.

Birthday & Special Occasion Gifts - Without sponsors, the children often go without receiving any gifts on their birthdays or during Christmas. However, you may choose to give a few extra dollars one special occasion so the orphanage staff may then purchase the gift at your suggestion.

How Can I Learn More about the Child I Sponsor?

When you receive you welcome packet, we encourage you to read over everything provided. In this packet, there will be basic information abou thte child such as their name, age, weight, dreams, likes and dislikes. Your packet will also include statistical information on the country that your child resides in, and you will also learn a little about the history of the nation, it's people, cultures, and current status towards Christianity.

Please understand that we can only give you general information about the child when you first decide to sponsor them. That's because when a child is brought into our program, very little may be known about them. Many times these children come to us after having lost their family in a disaster. When this occurs, most, if not all the basic information and legal paperwork of the child is lost as well. It may takes weeks or months before we are able to uncover the information that was lost with the family.

May I Visit the Mission Field to See the Orphanage?

That depends. Some of the orphanages are in areas or nations that either have restriction placed against non-citizens, barring foreigners from entering the state or province. However, if it is at all possible, wise, and safe for both the child and the sponsor, Freedom From Chains will help to arrange a visit with the child. Please contact us for further information.

Can I Write to My Child?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Here are the reasons why. First, to have the ability to correspond with an orphan will add a great financial burden upon the program. It adds cost because most children and staff cannot read English. Therefore translators would then be required to translate the letters from one language to another. This would then mean that the funds to pay for the translator would then impact what we consider to be “critical needs” such as food, clothing, an education funds. Next, we do not want to give the children any sort of impression that one child is favored over the other. This would surely result if some of the child were to receive letters on a regular basis while most would not receive any letters at all. For the most part, only a handful of sponsors would bother to actually write a hand written letter to a child. Therefore, we do not support correspondence between sponsor and child. However, the staff is always reminding the children that they are truly blessed by God to have been given generous and compassionate sponsors who lovingly support their entire orphanage. If you choose too, you can however visit your "adopted" child at their orphanage, just ask us how.

How Will I Receive News About My Sponsored Child?

Our staff will periodically send you an update on the child you sponsor. This report will give you information on their health, family circumstances and school progress. You will also occasionally receive a new photo of the child so you can see the growing.

May I Send My Child a Special Gift or a Care Package?

For the sake of fairness, Freedom From Chains's policy is to take care of children's needs on a general basis without giving some boys and girls extra things that others might not receive. For this reason, we do not encourage nor accept special gifts from the sponsors for their children. However, we do encourage you to a double portion once or twice a year so we can then make appropriate arrangements for the additional funds to be allocated to your child's account. Once done, we ask your child's Orphanage Director to purchase a suitable gift on their birthday and on Christmas. The gifts usually purchased are gifts that are culturally acceptable, and have practical daily use for the child. The sort of gift that would be purchased are extra clothing, shoes, a day trip to a local entertainment park, a book, or something that will help promote a particular gift or skill your child may have like a guitar to promote their musical abilities. We typically buy such gifts for their birthyday and/or Christmas.

Am I the Only Sponsor for My Child?

Yes, you are your child's only sponsor. No other individual or group will provide support for your child.. Therefore, we ask that you carefully consider if this is something that you are completely willing to do and that your finances allow you to move forward.

If you can not do so , then you can still help us tremendously if you can give a one-time donation to our Orphan Care Fund Ministry.

What Happpens If I Must Discontinue My Support?

If you are unable to continue sponsoring your child, he or she will still continue to receive an education, and all other benefits for as long as we can. Once you stop your sponsorship, we will immediately look for another sponsor to provide for the child's care. We will not allow another child to be sponsored without first ensuring that all the children that have been or are sponsored - continue to have all their needs meet. We will make every effort possible to find another sponsor. We only ask you to give whatyou can and to do so with joy and not being burdened.

How Long Should Plan to be a Sponsor for?

We give sponsors the opportunity to support children throughout their entire education. Our desire is to see each child complete what is locally considerd to be equivalent to a western "high school" degree. Once they complete their education and they age out of the system, they will be ready to be Godly and productive members of society. Some might even decide to become native missinaries, going forth and preaching the gospel to the unreached people of their homeland. We understand that each child's circumstances vary and some may conclude their studies before then. We will inform you of these or any other such changes and will give you the opportunity to sponsor another child in need.

Some supporters may desire to assist their sponsored child for the entire length of his or her education; others may choose only a year or two, depending on individual situations. We are sincerely grateful for the support you will give toward your sponsored child's ongoing education and development. yet, we also understand that your circumstances may change. You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time no having to worry of us judging you. After all, we want you to give according to what the Lord directs you to give.

How Can I Pray for My Sponsored Child?

Prayer is the most effective and precious gift you can give the child you sponsor. Here is a short list of things you can pray for:

1. Pray that the Gospel planted in your child's heart will bear fruit. One child's education through our program can result in the transformation of an entire village.
2. Pray for an open heart to the Holy Spirit. Each child has the opportunity to hear and understand how treasured he or she is in the eyes of God.
3. Pray for your child's adjustmen into our program. For the vast majority of them, most have never attended school nor have learned to trust others.
4. Pray for your child's health and safety. Throughout the developing nations children face many dangers such as; malaria, tuberculosis, caste prejudice, contaminated drinking water, gang violence, and more.

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