Indian Orphans

Benefits a Sponsored Orphan Receives

With your help, sponsorship gives impoverished orphans the critical support they need to grow up healthy and educated. And our programs and services are adapted to meet the changing needs of orphans as they develop into young adults. Your 'adopted' orphan will be given the following:

The Opportunity to Hear and Learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Your child will learn Bible verses, stories and songs that clearly present the message of Jesus' love and His redemptive sacrifice. They will be encouraged to live their lives in such a manner as to glorify God in all they do.

Medical Care

Easy access to medical care and treatment is vital during the first years of sponsorship. It is equally important to monitor the height and weight of each child to ensure they are growing properly. Children eleven and under receive an annual medical checkup. Those with medical conditions are treated promptly, given any necessary tests and medication, and even referred to specialists as needed. Ongoing care is provided at the sponsorship center medical clinics, which treat everything from common respiratory infections to chicken pox.

Dental Care

Impoverished families often go without quality dental care in order to pay for more pressing needs like food and rent. Sometimes, dental care isn’t even available in their communities. That’s why dental clinics can be found at most of our sponsorship centers. Providing dental services isn’t just about keeping children’s teeth and gums clean; it’s crucial to proper nutrition, overall health and good self-esteem. Regular dental screenings and appropriate follow-up care provides a key, often overlooked health benefit for many sponsored children.

A Quality Education

We usually do not provide individual educational benefits to children who are not yet enrolled in school; however, the sponsorship center may be equipped with developmental games and toys and age-appropriate books they can use. Children eligible to enter school are provided with benefits intended to help their parents overcome the financial restrictions that might prevent their children from enrolling in school – items such as school uniforms and shoes, school fees, backpacks and other supplies.

It has been estimated that for every year a child stays in school, their future earning potential will be increased by a minimum of 10-20%. Your sponsorship will provide your child an education that will be instrumental in helping them to break free from the cycle of poverty they once knew while preparing them to reach their full potential and lead an independent life. In addition, they will be provided with textbooks, school supplies, and a school uniform (when required).

Nutritional Meals

We check all sponsored children for signs of malnutrition during their routine medical checkups. Those who are seriously malnourished are enrolled in our nutrition program, where they may be provided with emergency food, vitamins and other support. Children, their parents and other family members may also receive dietary guidance such as food-handling and preparation classes, nutrition games and materials and even instruction on how to grow healthy gardens.


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