Our Work at Freedom From Chains

Our Sponsorship Programs

Orphan Sponsorship

Rescuing orphans from Dire poverty and giving them hope for a bright future starting today.

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Orphan Sponsorship Program

Native Missionary Sponsorship

Partner with native missionaries to bring the Gospel of Christ to the world's unreached peoples groups.

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Native Missions Sponsorship Program

Our Compassion Ministries

Orphan Care Ministry

Rescuing Orphans from dire poverty and giving them a hope for a bright future starting today.

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two orphan boys

Native Missions Ministry

Partnering with native missionaries to bring the teachings of Jesus Christ to the unreached people.

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missionary preaching

Poverty Reduction Ministry

Transforming an entire village with projects aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty.

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mother with hungry infant

Fighting Hunger Ministry

Providing relief from the pains of hunger by feeding nutritious meals to those who need it most.

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feeding the most hungry

Clean Water (WASH) Ministry

Transforming entire villages and improving the quality of life by providing access to clean water.

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children with clean water

Medical Relief Ministry

We go into remote villages to provide the poorest of the poor with medical & dental aid and supplies.

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medical outreach program

Missionary Training Ministry

Providing missionaries with continual biblical education with the aim to further deepen their faith.

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training missionaries

Evangelism Support Ministry

Providing tools such as bibles, bicycles, bullhorns, pamplets, and more to assist in evangelism.

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Church Building Ministry

Providing resources to churches to acquire either land or buildings to aid the growth of our ministries.

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bamboo church building