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As Christians living in the West, we have an almost unlimited access to the Scriptures, we may study in the Bible institute or eminary of our choice, and we are privileged to have most of the great books of Christianity translated into our own language. God has poured out this tremendous blessing upon the Western churches, and there is no need for us to apologize for such a blessing. We are however required to be good stewards in using our resources for the advancement of our own faith and in making the same resources available to our brothers and sisters who lack the resources we so easily take for granted.

There are thousands of godly missionaries who live in under-resourced nations and in poverty. They eagerly seek the opportunity to be taught how to deepen their personal relationship with God as they learn how to better handle the word of truth, and better reflect its glory thru loving actions as they bring the teachings of Jesus to the darkest corners of the earth. These men and woman seek to to further enhance their ministries and strengthened the churches under their care by developing their leaderships and ministerial skills.

At Freedom From Chains, we make a great effort not to export seeker-friendly church growth strategies and doctrines that have been embraced by the vast majority of western churches. Such teachings and superficial evangelism have diluted the true teachings of Christ as to make it more attractive and palatable to the majority of hearers. Such teachings do little to weed-out those who profess to be Christians from those who live as Disciples of Christ.

Our goal at Freedom From Chains is to encourage native missionaries to continue striving to know God and submit their lives and ministries to the dictates of God's inerrant word made known through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our main goal in the Native Missionary Training Ministry is to make known and to demonstrate to all men that God’s Word is “profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Therefore, we focus our training efforts on personal faith development, expository preaching, intercessory prayer, sacrificial service, personal evangelism, and personal discipleship. In striving towards our goal of building up the church and its ministers, we have adopted the following means of training the brethren:character development via discipleship, bible conferences, pastoral library distribution, and theological training.

Character Development via Discipleship

We believe that while Biblical leadership requires knowledge and skills, it is ultimately based on character. We believe that there is no substitute for relationships in developing character. We are committed to structured discipleship models which faithfully and effectively impart knowledge of the Bible while facilitating teacher-disciple relationships in the context of life and ministry.

Bible Conferences

This sort of training takes its place at our annual that are held in countries that are in greatest need of them. At these conferences, dozens upon dozens of worthy laborers who have never had the opportunity to study in a formal Bible institute or seminary are able to get the training they deeply desire. Such conferences are held for a number of days with the main areas of concentration being on hermeneutics, systematic theology, expository preaching, and pastoral ministry.

We work with a number of pastors, teachers, and evangelists, and lay workers who have given themselves over to being absorbed by the things of God so they may know God and his Word. It is useful but not important that they have attended a Bible institute or seminary. Not only do we work with men but with women as well. We realize that there are issues specific to women that must be addressed by other women with the goal that both husband and wife can work together as native missionaries in reaching the unreached among their countrymen.

The conference speakers see this work as a privilege and either pays their own way or are sponsored by their home church. Such dedication on their part allows us to continue directing the greater part of the donations entrusted to us to the needs of the native missionary.

The conferences that Freedom From Chains put together function as a blessing to both the participants and those that are privilege to teach. For those that teach often return home feeling as blessing and as encouraged as the native missionaries who have been taught. For many believers in the United States, the ministry can be a great discouragement because they see little hunger and little passion among their congregants for the Word of God and for Holiness. Unlike in the western nations, the brethren in the restricted or unreached nations will sit for up to eight to 10 hours a day, hanging onto the edge of their seats so they can hear and absorb every word of truth that is being brought to them. They do so with a deep and overwhelming gratitude and joy for those brethren who have spend the money and taken the time to travel the thousands of miles to come to their land to serve them. It is a blessing for all who attend and teach.

Pastoral Library Distribution

It is unfortunate that there are native missionaries who have never owned a concordance, or any commentaries, a bible dictionary, or any audio or video resources to further increase their knowledge of God and His Word. Yet they diligently labor among the foreign mission fields, risking their lives to bring the gospel of Christ to those who have never heard it before.

Imagine how much more prosperous their ministries would become if they would be given an adequate Christian library to aid them in their personal bible studies and sermons.

It is for this reason that Freedom From Chains seeks to diligently provide books, solar powered audio players and video players, MP3 files, and more. We aim to provide any native missionary with a pastoral library which includes a Study Bible, a bible dictionary, an exhaustive concordance, a one-volume bible commentary, and a book systematic theology. The cost for each pastoral library is between $150 to $200 USD yet the fruit of such a gift cannot be measured. It would move your heart to see a native missionary, who has labored for years after, when they receive their own personal "pastoral library" for they often cry tears of immense joy upon receiving their books. Imagine being the driving cause behind such tears of joy when you decide to support this ministry with your generous financial gift of love.

Advanced Theological Training

Recently we have opened our first Freedom From Chains Missions College (FFCMC). FFCMC is dedicated to bring the light of truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached masses of the world. To this end, the purpose of the College is to help guide each student into an ever deeper and life transforming relationship with God and Jesus Christ so their ministry will continue to glorify God as they forcefully advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

FFCMC is founded on a philosophical viewpoint based upon the Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) as the infallible, inerrant, all-sufficient and authoritative Word of God. The Bible is without error, and is not to be added to, subtracted from, or superseded by tradition or supposed revelation as dreams and visions of men.

Driven by the philosophy that Jesus Christ is the one and only Person who has ever embodied perfection, FFCMC seeks to direct, motivate and encourage all to strive to follow in Christ's footsteps, and endeavor to be conformed to His image, so as to be pleasing to God and to be as effective in the ministry as possible. The College strives for the pursuit of wholeness in spirit, soul and body, as well as achieving superior levels of ministerial ethics, excellence in business and industry and in maintaining higher standards of moral commitment in today's complex, challenging and ever-changing social patterns.

In addition, we are currently in the process of establishing smaller regional training centers where set curriculums are used to address the needs of the specific culture.

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