Providing medical assistance to the poor

Medical Relief Ministry

Bringing Medical Care to the Poorest of the Poor

Medical care is believed by many in North America to be a "right" each person is entitled to. It is hard for us to imagine not being able to get some form of medical care when we need it. For most of us, access to medical treatment is only a phone call away. However, this is not the case for over two billion people. For them, access to medical care and the ability to pay for it is a distant dream. To begin to understand the plight of billions, imagine the following scenario.

You have an illness or an injury that has been plaguing you for day, weeks, or years. You desire to visit a doctor but because of your medical condition, you are not able to walk the entire day it will take to reach the nearest medical facility. Even if you were able to walk the arduous distance, you are living in extreme poverty and are not able to pay for the doctor nor the medication.

Preventing the Preventable Through Medical Care

In developing nations, people die every day from fevers, infections and vitamin deficiencies that go untreated because basic medicines or nutritional supplements are not available. For the few local clinics that exist in impoverished nations frequently run out of basic items such as rubbing alcohol, gauze bandages, and anti-biotic ointments to cleanse and dress simple cuts. For those not able to get medical treatment, illnesses and wounds that are easily managed with proper resources, escalate into life-threatening tragedies.

Generous corporations often donate medicines, medical supplies, nutritional supplements, and other goods to organizations such as Freedom From Chains. Caring donors then pay for shipping costs, so we can deliver these urgently needed medical supplies to those who need it the most. Sending donated goods overseas, results in an incredible "bang for the buck." Sending shipments to our ministry partners in developing countries enables them to:

  • Provide antibiotics to treat infections that would otherwise result in deafness, amputations or death.
  • Provide vitamins such as vitamin A to prevent childhood blindness and prevent death from measles, mumps and other viral infections. Each year, childhood blindness from vitamin A deficiency affects 6 million people and kills 750,000 worldwide.
  • Provide nutritional supplements such as iron tablets to prevent anemia and the mental and physical delays that would otherwise plague children throughout their lives. Nutritional anemia affects 350 million people each year.
  • Re-stock clinic shelves with basic medical supplies such as aspirin, antibiotics, gauze, bandages and rubbing alcohol, so local health care providers can treat illnesses and injuries before they become life-threatening.
  • Provide vaccinations for children so they do not contract debilitating illnesses such as polio or tuberculosis, or pass these illnesses on to others.

Make a Difference by Alleviating the Suffering of Others

With your financial support, you will be helping to provide free medical treatment to an infant child who is fighting for life cradled in her mother’s arms, to a father who suffered a broken bone, to an elderly widow who is in need of simple reading glasses. Please give to help relieve the silent suffering of those without medical care.

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