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The Problem Many Orphans Face

Most of us have a tough time imagining the life of an orphaned child. Most orphans suffer daily from being imprisoned by the chains of poverty. Most go days without having anything to eat or drink; many have no access to clean water, much less an education. Most have suffered physical abuse from adults or have been forced into child pornography or the drug trade business. These vulnerable children typically have no one to care for them when they fall down, are hungry, sick, or need protection from the pouring rain. Virtually none of them dare hope for a home and a loving family. They have been beaten down emotionally too many times to hope that someone can actually love them enough to care for them.

Without loving care and attention from an early age, orphaned children may experience physical, mental, and emotional delays in development. Children with any special needs often do not receive the attention required to help them overcome their disabilities. For the young adults, their future is bleak as they face aging out of the orphanages to a life on the streets. A life of poverty, crime, prostitution, and/or depression is common place for adult orphans. As horrible as this may be, there is still a greater tragedy that awaits most of them. Unfortunately, a vast majority of these children will grow old and have to face their lonely and difficult world without having been given an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. However, it is not hopeless! Together we can make an eternal difference in the lives of many orphans.

Our Orphan Care inistry Offers Each Orphan a Living Hope

Throughout Scripture, God reveals His heart of compassion, justice and provision for the orphan. His promises on their behalf are powerful. His actions on their behalf are miraculous. He is a Father to the fatherless, and God is their fortress, their defender, and their provider.

We firmly believe that every orphan’s hope is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that is where or orphan care ministry begins. It’s from this starting point that our orphan ministry seeks to help each orphan experience the love, protection and care that God intends, and will provide, through His extended family – the local Christian church. We welcome orphaned children into an orphanage staffed with devoted Christians focused on raising children to make Jesus their Lord and to obey everything that Jesus taught us. We do this mainly through our Orphan Sponsorship Program.

Where Do The Children Come From

The children that we are able to support come to us from various places. In the course of reaching the unreached, many of the native missionaries that work with Freedom From Chains come across orphaned children who lack proper food, shelter, clothing, and education. They are brought to one of our orphanages. Some of the children come from overcrowded state institutions; others from disaster or poverty stricken homes, and some are "street children" who have learned to fend for themselves as they live homeless and dangerous lives in the streets. These children once suffered the horrors of being an orphan living in poverty, but now they have found safety and direction under the care of loving care of Christians. They have found a place of refuge with Freedom From Chains and our loving staff and partners!

An Exciting Opportunity Awaits Them

Each child that the Lord brings to us is blessed with the opportunity to set a new course for their lives, to embark on an exciting journey with Jesus as their captain. In our sponsored orphanages, the children receive loving care, nutrition meals, proper clothing, a warm bed, a Christian based education, and a new family. They are taught to love and honor God above all things, to take responsibility for their lives, to respect others, and to love others in loving action. They receive an education and the older children are encouraged to learn a vocational or technical skill to build their careers on. They attend daily devotions where they are taught how to pray, sing and study scripture. Every week, they gather with the body of believers to praise, worship, and glorify God. Over time, many of the children eventually decide to become faithful followers of Jesus; and as they grow up, some decide to become missionaries to their own people!

It is our hope and prayer that when it is time for these children to leave the orphanage, that they will have built their lives upon the teachings of Jesus Christ so that they will be able to endure the storms of life that will befall them over the years. We are confident that they will grow up being the light and salt of the earth, being careful to honor God in all they do.

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